¿Del tirano? del tirano di todo,¡di más!;
y clava con furia de mano esclava
sobre su oprobio al tirano.
¿Del error? Pues del error di el antro,
di las veredas oscuras:
di cuanto puedas del tirano y del error.
José Martí



Sunday, August 21, 2011


The Ladies in White demanding their rights peacefully in Santiago de Cuba

The Ladies In White have begun to walk in Santiago de Cuba, since several weeks , despite the brutal repression that are suffering.

It seems that the Castro dictatorship is especially irritated with these manifestations of women demanding their rights peacefully and quietly.

Only this can explain the brutality of the aggressions of the police and paramilitaries are being made against the Ladies in White in the East of Cuba.

Now these ladies need our help and ask that we support them anyway we can, white clothes, shoes, food and money.It is not difficult to send help. You just have to be willing to do so.

These brave women in Eastern Cuba are in need of the following :

- Food: Preferably dry food, which weighs less, such as stock cubes beef or chicken and soups.
- White clothes: No matter if is used, only should be in good condition
- Sports shoes
- Money: No need to be large quantities, any amount will be thankful forever.

You can directly send your help to any of the three Ladies in White , they are coordinating the receipt of the help.

Belkis Cantillo 
Calle Prefabricado # 7.
Palmarito de Cauto.
Mella. Santiago de Cuba

Tania Montoya
Carr. de San Luis # 13
Rpto La Concepción.
Palma Soriano.
Santiago de Cuba

Ayme Várgas
Calixto García  #311
entre Lora y Villuenda
Palma Soriano
Santiago de Cuba

To send clothes, shoes and food

From Europe: You can send food, clothing and shoes as urgent letter. The price of shipping varies with the weight of the package. Up to 1 kg can cost about 25 euros.

From USA: You can do it from any of the many agencies operating in Cuba. The shipping price is about $ 10 per pound.

For sending money

You can use the services of  Western Union. If the bank with which you operate has an agreement with a Cuban bank, these items may be cheaper if done through your bank.

If for whatever reason you prefer that we send aid us, please contact  damas.oriente@revoluciondelosgladiolos.org
We ensure transparency in the management of aid and we will ensure that the Ladies in White personally confirm receipt thereof.

Know more about these courageous ladies at La Revolucion de los Gladiolos

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