¿Del tirano? del tirano di todo,¡di más!;
y clava con furia de mano esclava
sobre su oprobio al tirano.
¿Del error? Pues del error di el antro,
di las veredas oscuras:
di cuanto puedas del tirano y del error.
José Martí



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Libya el efecto domino' / Libya ..the Domino Effect ....

Interesting video of Mark Dziubek, made it as a class project in college. I received this video from
Mr Mitch Charkiewicz , Professor of Economics. Central Connecticut State University.

My question: Why doesn't  this video make mention of Castros's Tyranny ?.
I suppose that this is implicit.
In Cuba, Castro's tyranny has also restricted access to the Internet to the Cuban people.
Anyway, is an excellent video. Thanks.

Interesante video de Mark Dziubek, el lo hizo como un Proyecto de clase. Este video me fue enviado por el Sr Mitch Charkiewicz , Profesor de Economia de "Central Connecticut State University".

Mi pregunta: Por que' no se mencionan a los Castros en este video?.
No lo hacen ni oral ni de forma grafica, quiero suponer que esta implicito
En Cuba la tirania castrista tambien tiene restringido el acceso al Internet al pueblo cubano.
De todas formas es una excelente propuesta. Gracias.


  1. I made video as a class project in college. There is more to it you only got about half.
    Thank You

    Yo hice el video como un proyecto para mi clase en la universidad. Hay mas, este solo tiene casi medio del video.

  2. Excuse me, I received this video from Mr Charkiewicz and thought that it was his project. As you can see, I worry about the Cuban case. In my country there is a tight tyranny for 52 years. During these 52 years, we have have denounced the crimes of castro's dictatorship to the World: Crimes, executions, political prisoners, a total lack of freedom in all aspects and the world does not care and not only that, but supporting that dictatorship (political, social and economically). Had to die a man on hunger strike while was in prison for advocating respect for Human Rights in Cuba. Had to take the streets to demonstrate "The Ladies in White", in defense of their husbands and family (prisoners of conscience), for that, some part of the world hear the truth about the criminal regime of the Castro brothers. That's why, I appreciate any sign of sympathy for the enslaved peoples in the hands of dictatorships. Again Thank you. Best Regard.

  3. MR Charkiewicz is my teacher. I hope my Video will help your honorable and just cause. Long live Freedom. I will provide a link to the full video it is 4.36 minutes long. Thank you MS Bigles. Gracias



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